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Board and Batten Shutters


Talega 1128

 Board and Batten cedar exterior shutters are a timeless design that reflect classic Ranch or Mediterranean architecture. Constructed from 1" thick custom sized boards, each shutter features hand selected lumbers for straightness and are assembled using glue and nails to join the battens to the boards. This time tested construction method is further enhanced by the use of Franklin type 3, water proof exterior glue. Incense Cedar, one of many lumbers available, a naturally decay-resistant wood, is straight and light in weight and is ideal in fabricating this type of shutter which tends to be heavier than louvered shutters.

All boards are available standard as 1" thick (7/8", 1 1/8" are also available)

Tight together or spaced boards

Custom board widths are available

2 batten,  3 batten, Z batten available




Exterior hinges are the jewelry for your custom made exterior panels...


Exterior Shutters?

There is something special about the added touch of exterior shutters to complement your home's unique look. We at Acura are here to help you pick and design the products that will give your home that finished look. Choose from louvers, raised panels, board and batten, and bahama shutters.



Fixed Louvers The most popular of exterior shutters, our exterior fixed louver shutters are made from kiln dried Incense and Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, or genuine Mohagany. Other lumber choices are available. Choose from several blade sizes: 1 1/4", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2". We can even make them with a custom blade or tapered louver to match your needs.


Raised Panels: Custom made in either raised, flat or Shaker panel, our panel shutters are crafted in cedar with solid lumbers, or in exterior grade MDF material. We can also fabricate them as part of a fixed louver panel. Custom cut outs are also available.


Bermuda: Our Bermuda shutter (know also as the Bahama Shutter) has become a popular option in both residential and comercial applications to shade windows from the sun while providing a level of view to the outside. Unlike regular exterior shutters that mount on either side of a window, Bermuda shutters normally cover an entire window in one shutter (some applications require more), can usually be from from as little a a third to the full length of the window. They are normally attached above the widow with Bermuda style hardware available in our hardware store.


Board And Batten: Another very popular option, our board and batten shutters are manufactured using incense cedar, and optionally in our water proof exterior MDF material. Options include narrow or wide boards, v-groove, square corner, and beaded. We also offer custom cut outs for your board and batten shutters.

Acura Custom shutter is a premier exterior shutter manufacturer on the west coast. In addition to fixed louver, board and batton, raised panel, and false louver, we are specialists in commercial and residential applications where custom profiles and unique shapes are required.

Exterior Shutters: choose from 1 1/4" or 1 3/4" fixed louver, Board & Batten, Raised Panel, or Bahama Style. We also can match your existing shutters.

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