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Tilt Rod vs. Clearview:



The last several years have been very exciting for the shutter industry. Never before have there been so many options available to customers when making the decision to have custom made shutters installed in their homes. Of these options the most frequently requested is the choice of using the timeless design of shutters with a TILT ROD, or the CLEARVIEW design which provides an unobstructed view thru the louvers providing a more transparent view of the outdoors.

False Louver Profiles



1" False Louver 
1 1/2" False Louver 
2" False Louver 
style-f13 1"     style-f15 1.5" style-f22






7/16"       7/8"   7/8"  



Shutter Refinishing

Spraying Shutter 2: Shutter being sprayed in paint booth

Shutter refinishing is very popular option to consider for your existing plantation shutters. Clients will normally address their existing shutters during a redecorating or remodeling project. During the paint and trim decisions, it becomes apparent that maybe the shutters need to be repainted. Acura Shutters has decades of experience repairing and refinishing shutters. Shutters more often than not can be refurbished vs being replaced. Before you have your painter turn your garage into a makeshift paint booth consider the following:

  • Your shutters and the framework are professionally inspected and removed by our installers.
  • Arriving at our factory, we repair and replace damaged or broken louvers, repair or replace tilt rods, upgrade worn or damaged staples, and refurbish any existing tension device.
  • Shutter panels are re-glued and reinforced if there are any signs of joint failure.
  • We clean all panels with solvent based products to remove dirt, polish and oils that have built up over time. This important step ensures a stable surface for the new finish to bond to, and is frequently overlooked by painters or companies that offer refinishing.
  • Next we putty all nicks and dings. Continuing, we thoroughly sand front and back. During the sanding process, some areas will need to be sanded down to raw wood. These areas will be spot primed, and then continue through the sanding process. After a visual inspection, panels move to our spray line, along side our own custom shutters.
  • All shutters are painted with our premium water based acrylic paint. Our paint is specially formulated to give a furniture grade finish. Two coats are applied, resulting in the signature finish that we have become known for. Painting the existing hinges completes our attention to detail.
  • Upon returning the shutters to your home, we install and adjust all panels, check the soundness of the installation, install new magnets or shutter clips, and check the action of the panels.

Customers are surprised by the final results, many indicating that the shutters look better than when they were installed originally. Please note that this service is available in certain service areas only. Customer delivered refinish is also available.

The treatment of sliding glass doors is not only one of the most popular use of shutters, it is also an area that presents clients with the most confusion and questions about what is available to them.

Traditional Shutters (1 1/4")

Vass-Traditional-DoorsTraditional Shutters are the small louver shutter that have 1 1/4" louver blades usually in a narrow width panel. The thickness of the panel has traditonally been 3/4" of an inch however in recent years, they are also manufactured in the 1 1/8" thickness similar to plantation shutters. Acura Shutters takes pride in being one of the few companies that continues to manufacture this timeless shutter panel design. Use this louver to add to an existing shutter installation, or to capture what this charm that only the traditional louver shutter can offer








Traditional Shutters: based on the 1 1/4" louver, the timeless style of this shutter (also known as the colonial shutter) has had a resugence in recetraditional-louver2p400x471-mm3nt years.

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