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IMG 6714 1Custom Spec Gate made in Incense Cedar 52" wide.



IMG 3334Framed V Groove made in VGDF with Armorite inserts


IMG 7255Flat Panel Arch Gate made in Accoya with Armorite Inserts  

 IMG 3375 1

Incense Cedar V Groove Gate with Vertical and Horizontal Stiles






Raised Panel

IMG 2723

  IMG 2201






Board and Batten Shutters





Talega 1128

















 Board and Batten cedar exterior shutters are a timeless design that reflect classic Ranch or Mediterranean architecture. Constructed from 1" thick custom sized boards, each shutter features hand selected lumbers for straightness and are assembled using glue and nails to join the battens to the boards. This time tested construction method is further enhanced by the use of Franklin type 3, water proof exterior glue. Incense Cedar, one of many lumbers available, a naturally decay-resistant wood, is straight and light in weight and is ideal in fabricating this type of shutter which tends to be heavier than louvered shutters.

All boards are available standard as 1" thick (7/8", 1 1/8" are also available)

Tight together or spaced boards

Custom board widths are available

2 batten,  3 batten, Z batten available



 CDM Bahama

Bahama Shutters refers to a type of exterior shutter that is different from normal exterior shutters based on its mounting position. First, it is usually the full width of the window and it's length can vary  from the full height of the window, be as short as 18", or anywhere in between. It is mounted on a pivoting top hinge so that the shutter can tilted from  being perpendicular to the structure, all the way down to parallel to the window, but mostly somewhere inbetween. It's name derives from the Bahamas due to its popularity there. They are sometimes also called Bermuda or Hurricane Shutters.


Tilt Rod vs. Clearview:



The last several years have been very exciting for the shutter industry. Never before have there been so many options available to customers when making the decision to have custom made shutters installed in their homes. Of these options the most frequently requested is the choice of using the timeless design of shutters with a TILT ROD, or the CLEARVIEW design which provides an unobstructed view thru the louvers providing a more transparent view of the outdoors.

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